These general terms and conditions of use (the ‘ GTCU ’) apply, without restriction or reservation, to the photographs and videos available on the Paris Players application (the ‘ Application ’).  

Article 1 – Introduction

The ‘ Mes photos ’ (My photos) tab and ‘ Mes vidéos ‘ (My videos) tab accessible via the Application enables tennis players taking part in the Roland-Garros and/or the Rolex Paris Masters tournaments (the ‘ User(s) ’) to access the photographs and videos showing them that have been taken by the FFT in the course of both, the Roland-Garros and/or the Rolex Paris Masters tournament (the ‘ Tournament(s) ’).

Article 2 – Conditions governing access to the Photographs and Videos

The catalogue of photographs and videos is accessible free of charge after authentication on the Application. The logins needed to access the Application are sent to the User beforehand via his or her email inbox. The User shall only have access to photographs (the ‘ Photograph(s) ’) showing him or her in matches played in the course of the Tournament and videos (the  ‘ Video(s) ’) representing him/her in matches during the Tournament and the three previous editions. It should be noted that the photographs provided will be limited in number : between three and five per match played.   

The equipment (PC, software, browser, etc.) enabling access to the Application and use of its functionalities shall be the exclusive responsibility of the User, as shall payment of the telecommunication charges arising from such connections to the Application.

Article 3 – Creation of a User account

In order to access to the ‘ Mes photos ’ (My photos) tab or to the ‘ Mes vidéos ‘ (My videos) tab, an account must first be opened through the allocation of a personal login and password, opening a specific account in the User’s name to access the services of the Application. The User must provide a valid email address. A password is allocated automatically after registration, but the User may modify it at any time by accessing the ‘ Mon Compte ’ (My Account) section on the Application.  The User agrees to maintain the secrecy of the elements used for his or her identification (and in particular the login and password) and to refrain from disclosing them in any form. The User also agrees to refrain from concealing his or her genuine identity and from impersonating any other party.

In the event of the loss or the unauthorized use of his or her account, identification details or password, the User must notify the FFT immediately.

Any complaints or comments must be sent by email to the following address : or by post to the address indicated in Article 9 below.

Article 4 – Use of the Photographs and the Videos

The reproduction rights granted by the FFT to the Users for the Photographs are strictly dependent on fulfilment of the following essential conditions :

– they are granted on a non-exclusive basis, and are strictly personal and non-transferable,

– without modification of, and / or adaptation of, and / or tampering with the Photographs,

– using any of the User’s personal online and digital communication resources,

– exclusively for purposes of communication within the context of the Tournament in order to illustrate reports regarding the User, excluding any form of commercial exploitation of the Photographs, and without prejudice to the User’s acquisition of the other intellectual property rights and / or authorizations from third parties,

–  inclusion of the FFT photographic credit, clearly and visibly on all media used, under each Photograph.

Any other use of the Photographs shall require express prior written authorization from the FFT.

The Videos are made available to Users solely for viewing via the Application, strictly for match analysis purposes. It is strictly forbidden to download the Videos, or to capture or attempt to capture the Videos by filming the screen (or by any means whatsoever), and to post all or part of the Videos on any medium whatsoever, in particular on social networks.

In the event of non-compliance with the provisions set out in this article, the User alone shall be liable with regard to any action taken by third parties.

Article 5– Intellectual property

The FFT acknowledges and guarantees that it exclusively holds the copyright over the photos of the User, and so is entitled to grant the rights described in this document, without the User being troubled by the party that created the Photographs.

The FFT declares that it is not the holder of the image rights of the individuals, groups or organizations appearing in the Photographs, of the rights held by owners of the property, trademarks, logos, distinctive signs, sponsorship rights, sporting rights, and in more general terms of rights held by any other individual or organization that may hold rights other than intellectual property rights relating to the Photographs. The User shall as a consequence take personal responsibility for acquiring the rights of third parties, and offers the FFT full guarantees in this connection.

In addition, the FFT acknowledges and guarantees that it has the rights allowing it to make the Videos available to the Users under the conditions described herein.

Article 6– Cancellation of the User’s account

The FFT reserves the right to cancel the User’s account should he or she fail to fulfil his or her obligations arising from this document, and notably in the event of actions that contravene the provisions of the intellectual property code and of non-compliance with the provisions of articles 4 and 5 of these GTCU.

Article 7 – Liability

The FFT invites Users of the Application to take into account the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and does not accept any liability for the consequences of the Users connecting to the Application via the Internet and downloading the Photographs or viewing the Videos.

The FFT may not under any circumstances be held liable for any transmission delays due to technical problems or breakdowns.

The FFT may at any time, temporarily or permanently, unilaterally interrupt the online provision of the Application and / or access to the Photographs and / or to the Videos in order to carry out the maintenance thereof, and / or make improvements and / or modifications thereto, and / or for any other reason, without being held liable in this connection, and without this action giving rise to the awarding of damages of any kind.

Article 8 – Force majeure

The FFT may not be held liable, or be considered to have failed to comply with these GTCU, on the grounds of any delay or failure to execute, if the cause of said delay or failure is connected to an occurrence of force majeure.

Article 9 – Correspondence

Any complaints and / or notifications must be set out in writing and sent to the FFT in the form of a letter (Fédération Française de Tennis– Direction de la Communication et Transformation Digitale – 2, avenue Gordon Bennett – 75016 Paris) or by email via the address :

Article 10 – Miscellaneous provisions

The FFT shall be free to modify these GTCU at any time. The Users of the Application are therefore advised to regularly consult the latest version of the GTCU available on the Application.

The latest version of the GTCU is binding upon Users of the Application.  

The GTCU are governed by French law, and any disputes relating to the execution and / or interpretation thereof shall be submitted to the French courts.